Why choose us


  • 5 times more Downloads than 3G
  • High Speed Broadband Plans Starting From 20mbps
  • Experience reliable speeds and low latency


The wireless nature of such networks allow users to access network resources from nearly any convenient location within their primary networking environment. Wireless Internet, more commonly known as Wi-Fi, is one of the more recent developments that provides people with Internet access without the confining asp.


Fiber offers a number of advantages over copper. Greater bandwidth. Fiber provides more bandwidth than copper and has standardized performance up to 10 Gbps and beyond. Speed and distance. Security. Immunity and reliability. Design. Migration. Field termination. Cost.

Our Services

  • Broadband for Home
  • Broadband for Business
  • Leased Line

Home Broadband from SpeedSter is the ideal choice for most. From the average home user to a heavy downloader, all are covered. All our services are built on SpeedSter’s highly Versatile, multi-peered network which means it takes something special to better our overall quality of service.


  1. One Month contract as standard*
  2. Superfast Broadband up to 50mbps
  3. Generous FUP Limits
  4. Extensive Control Panel
  5. Static IP address Optional**
  6. Priority Customer Support
  7. No hidden Exit Fees
  8. Perfect For gaming (PS, XBOX, Wii)

While every business is different, no matter which sector you operate in, broadband is now essential. From your website, email to social media presence, everyone from bankers to builders needs business broadband. All our services are built on Speedster’s highly Versatile, multi-peered network.


  1. Unlimited Plans
  2. Static IP Address Optional***
  3. Priority Customer Support
  4. Enhanced Upload Speeds
  5. Synchronised upload and Download speeds

A revolutionary service from Speedster that delivers uncontested internet connectivity directly to your premises using the latest wireless technology at speeds from 2Mbps to 100Mbps. It’s the perfect choice for areas where it’s difficult to receive a quality internet connection and for business who require a dedicated connection.


  1. Up to 100Mbps connectivity
  2. No monthly usage limits
  3. Contended & un-contended options
  4. Static IP addresses included
  5. 96% Uptime guarantee
  6. Network monitoring
  7. 6 working hour Service level agreement
  8. Flexible bandwidth options