Who We Are ?

Speedster Communications Private Limited was launched by a small, yet dedicated team of Internet “surfers” who wanted to provide an ISP that would fully meet the demands and requests of their clients in India. Our vision has always been, and will remain so, to provide a full range of services at affordable and fair price points, where our customers are allowed to maintain their own individual identity.

We clearly have no wish to be the largest, but would like to be regarded as one of the best – nice people to do business with.

Speedster continues to invest heavily to ensure that we keep ourselves at the very forefront of leading ISP’s to provide the services to our customers. Our technical back up team are always on hand, to support and advise our customers from the nervous beginner to multi-national companies. All will receive the same care and attention. Speedster has come a long way in a short period of time. We have done so, not by heavy advertising campaigns or seeking venture capital, but simply by the support of a loyal customer base, individuals or companies who have recognized, that we do try to provide much more than just the ability to browse the Internet. That’s something that makes Speedster so different. Our corporate business packages have already attracted the attention of a wide range of businesses;

Speedster is confident, over the coming months. Even greater growth will occur as we introduce a whole new range of services and technology.